updating doors - what to do with the old onesupdating doors - what to do with the old ones

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updating doors - what to do with the old ones

Old doors are great for repurposing into things like tables, headboards or outdoor decor, but they really aren't any good for keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. So, if you are considering having those old doors removed and new ones put in their place, what do you do with the old ones? You can get a lot of creative ideas for repurposing those old doors on my website. There, you can learn how to transform them, or how to go about getting rid of them and maybe making a few dollars off of them.

Three Glass Options For Window Inserts

If you aren't happy with the look of your front door, you don't necessarily have to replace it with a brand-new door. Instead, a different option is to buy a window insert for the existing door. You can then hire a handyman service to cut a hole in the door and mount the insert. This isn't a difficult project, and it's one that can dramatically transform the look of the front of your home. One thing that you'll see when you begin browsing different window inserts online or at a local door and window store is that the appearance of the glass can vary. Here are three glass options that you'll see.

Clear Glass

A common option to consider is a window insert made of clear glass. This type of glass will give you a standard look that matches the windows across the front of your home. If you like the idea of the front of the residence featuring a lot of clear glass, a clear glass window insert for the front door will be a good option. A big advantage of this type of glass is that it lets a lot of light into the home, which can help to significantly brighten a front foyer area that you often find looks dark.

Frosted Glass

If you want to go in a different direction, you can consider a frosted glass window insert. This material often has a modern appearance, which can make it a good visual fit if the front of your residence has a modern style. Frosted glass won't let as much light into your home as clear glass, but its primary benefit is the discretion that it provides. If you don't want people to be able to see into your home as they stand on your front porch or even walk past on the sidewalk, you may want a frosted glass window insert.

Textured Glass

You can also expect to see textured glass window inserts when you shop, which can be another choice that appeals to many people. These glass panels can vary significantly in appearance. Many of them have a bubbled texture, which you'll feel when you rub your hand across them. In others, you'll find ridges that run vertically or horizontally, each of which can add a unique visual dynamic to the door and the entrance of your home as a whole. Shop for a window insert in one of these styles.

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