updating doors - what to do with the old onesupdating doors - what to do with the old ones

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updating doors - what to do with the old ones

Old doors are great for repurposing into things like tables, headboards or outdoor decor, but they really aren't any good for keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. So, if you are considering having those old doors removed and new ones put in their place, what do you do with the old ones? You can get a lot of creative ideas for repurposing those old doors on my website. There, you can learn how to transform them, or how to go about getting rid of them and maybe making a few dollars off of them.

Three Bullet-Resistant Doors To Consider For Your Residence

You can never afford to take a lackadaisical approach to your family's security, and that means constantly looking for ways to upgrade your home to keep intruders out. A security system, complete with cameras and sensors, is always a good idea. However, if someone is truly intent on entering your home and causing you harm — perhaps during a serious incident of civil unrest — it's imperative that you're able to keep such individuals out. Bullet-resistant doors might seem like a bit much for residential applications, but many homeowners turn to them to offer a high degree of protection. Here are three doors of this nature to consider.

Front Door

Intruders often come through your front door, and even a solid wood door can be no match for an armed intruder who wishes to get inside your home. If you're thinking about upgrading to even one bullet-resistant door, this is an ideal choice. Someone who discharges a firearm at the door, only to be thwarted, will often get out of the area quickly because the gunfire will have alerted many people. If the person persists, you'll have time to arm yourself and consider launching a counterattack to keep your family safe, or summon help from armed neighbors.

Interior Door

An armed intruder is unlikely to get through a bullet-resistant exterior door, but there are other ways that he or she may get into your home. If someone manages to get inside, you need a room that provides top-level security, which is often known as a "panic room". A bullet-resistant door is a must for this room. When necessary, your family can flee to this room to avoid the intruder. Generally, you'll stock a panic room with weapons, security monitors that are attached to cameras mounted inside and outside your home, as well as communication devices that you can use to summon the authorities.

Garage Door

Companies that make bullet-resistant doors for residential applications commonly make garage doors with this same feature. This type of door is valuable for keeping unwanted individuals out of your garage, and provided that you upgrade the smaller door in the garage to a bullet-resistant one, this entire structure can offer a high degree of protection — especially if it doesn't have windows. In fact, you and your family may choose to secure yourselves in the garage if it has bullet-resistant doors and there's a viable threat in the neighborhood. You can contact professionals like Guardian Security Structures for more information.