updating doors - what to do with the old onesupdating doors - what to do with the old ones

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updating doors - what to do with the old ones

Old doors are great for repurposing into things like tables, headboards or outdoor decor, but they really aren't any good for keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. So, if you are considering having those old doors removed and new ones put in their place, what do you do with the old ones? You can get a lot of creative ideas for repurposing those old doors on my website. There, you can learn how to transform them, or how to go about getting rid of them and maybe making a few dollars off of them.

2 Ways To Make Your Front Door More Secure

One of the hardest parts of securing your home is making your front door as secure as possible to keep out intruders, mostly because the components that were used to create your entry door are not very strong. Listed below are two things that you can do to make your front door much more secure.

Replace The Door Entirely

One of the simplest ways to increase your home's security is to simply replace your home's front door with a much stronger model. In most cases, the front door that was installed on your home is going to be rather flimsy when compared to some of the options that you can pick up from your local home improvement store. For example, you can choose to purchase a solid wood door or a steel-core door that will be much more difficult for an intruder to get through.

In addition, make sure to avoid any doors that have glass windows. While these doors may look very nice, they will just make things so much easier for an intruder trying to get into your home.

Replace The Strike Plates

Another easy way to increase your home's security is to replace the strike plates. The strike plates are the piece of metal on your door frame that the deadbolt will go into when the door is locked. However, many strike plates are made out of very thin metal and are affixed to the door frame with very short screws, which means that an intruder can kick in your front door and have the strike plate break free quite easily.

When you buy a new heavy-duty strike plate, the kit will usually consist of a strike plate that is much thicker and stronger than a standard one and much longer screws to attach the strike plate to your door frame. This results in a door that can still be kicked open, but it will take an intruder much longer to do which increases the chances of the intruder getting caught or for you to notice the attempted break-in and call the police.

Contact a contractor or door installation service like Access Door & Glass Inc in order to discuss the various things that you can do to make your front door much more secure against intruders. Replacing your existing front door with a much more durable solid wood or steel-core door and installing a much more durable strike plate are two very simple ways to fortify your front door against intruders.